Real time Bladder Scanning is a safe, easy and non invasive method of measuring bladder volume and also making an examination of the pelvic floor muscles. The Meike Portable Bladder Scanner is a fully self contained ultrasonic scanner that shows live images and measures content in real time differentiating urinary content from the surrounding tissue. The scanner uses an advanced three dimensional ultrasound scan and echo to scan the bladder and measure urine quantity. The scanner can predict urine transmission, assist in diagnosing blocked catheters, detect post void residual volume (PVR) and assessing healing. The Bladder Scanner has a large 220mm colour LCD touch screen display and can be connected to your pc’s USB port to download, store & analyse the images.

  • Weighs just 1.8kgs
  • Dimensions 300mm x 210mm x 50mm
  • Internal lithium battery
  • Scan depth 140mm
  • Rotating scan angle 180 degrees
  • Maximum volume 999ml
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SPECIFICATION OF PBSV4.1(HS Number: 9018121000)

  1. Transducer frequency: 2.6MHz
  2. Scan method: 3D mechanical sector scanning
  3. Measurement method: Automatic measurement and Display
  4. Real-time scanning and aiming
  5. Result Display: Volume result, Last volume result, Aiming Location, B mode Images(12/24
  6. Outline the edge of the bladder for evaluating the effectiveness of the measurement.
  7. Accuracy: ±15%,±15ml(0~150ml); ±10%,±15ml(150~999ml)
    (On Meike tissue-equivalent phantom)
  8. Bladder Volume Range:0- 999ml
  9. Scan depth: ≥140mm
  10. Sway Angle: 120o±2
  11. Rotating Angle: 180o±2
  12. Storage Capacity: 100 cases (Max2400 pictures,12/24 pics in each patient record)
  13. Case management: Store, Browse, Upload
  14. Patient ID: 12 Figures
  15. Printer: Onboard Printer
  16. Scan Mode: Male, Female, Pediatric
  17. Display screen: 8.4” TFT TOUCH screen
  18. Language: English; French; Germany; Spanish
  19. Power supply: 2 batteries
  20. Battery Voltage: 7.4V;
  21. Capacity: ≥4200mA(4Hours)
  22. Charge Time: 3.5-4 Hours
  23. 20. Device Dimension:310*260*250mm
  24. 21. Net weight:2.1KG