FXP10MH – Capacity 2.7 Litre – 240mm x 140mm x 100mm Heated Tank

Basket: 210mm x 100mm x 65mm

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The highest degree of cleaning, sterilising, and disinfecting medical and surgical instruments after use is an integral component that every medical and scientific institution should follow and observe. Ultrasonic cleaners have contributed a standardised method of cleaning, sterilising, and disinfecting medical instruments by providing a more efficient and less arduous way of decontaminating medical devices from the hazards and health risks of the previously conducted medical or laboratory procedure.

Unisonics Australia has always been committed to designing and providing only the best range of ultrasonic cleaning devices to its Australian customers in order to help them maintain the highest quality of standards when it comes to the cleaning, sterilising, and disinfecting procedure of medical, dental and laboratory instruments.

The Unisonics FXP10MH is EMC tested and approved and considered as one of the best ultrasonic cleaners the company has produced because the FXP10MH unit incorporates Lateral Oscillation technology just like all other Unisonics FXP units in order to yield excellent sanitation results.

The Unisonics FXP10MH is a single chamber medical device utilised by many Australian businesses in removing contaminants from surgical instruments and other medical hardware with sonic energy in a heated detergent solution or water alone. The Unisonic FXP’s exterior surfaces are made of a flat solid UV-stabilized PVC and aluminium which comes with a pressed stainless steel tank and a basket with a size of 210mm x 100mm x 65mm — perfectly modelled for central processing departments, surgery reprocessing areas and laboratories where all forms of contamination are deposited.

Equipped with a thermostat controller, the Unisonics FXP10MH allows you to adjust its temperature depending on the depth of cleaning to be conducted and the type of medical or laboratory instrument you will be sanitising. The device is designed with a 30-minute mechanical timer that is located at the bottom front of the device unit which should be utilised by following the operating instructions manual that comes with the package. Its main plugs or sockets are attached at the side of the unit, requiring the ultrasonic cleaning unit to always be positioned to let on plenty of circulation.

This ultrasonic cleaner model is composed of two polyester coated ultrasonic transducers, providing a powerful cleaning experience as it can eliminate even the most tenacious impurity from the surgical instruments while preventing any moisture contamination to occur, maintaining high cleaning efficiency levels.

Unisonics successfully designed a compact yet easy-to-operate ultrasonic cleaner out of Unisonics FXP10MH. No wonder why Unisonics Australia is widely recognised and used by many professionals where safety and excellence are their paramount concern!