Q: Can you come on site and validate our equipment?

A: Yes this is what we normally do, we offer this service NZ wide. We book in a day and time that works for you and liase with your staff on site to ensure that the validation is done with a minimum of disruption to you.

Q: How long will it take?

A: This depends on the amount of equipment that you have, for larger sites we can have more than 1 technician available. We can normally give you an accurate estimate of time if we know approximately what is involved.

Q: How much will my validation cost?

A: This will vary depending on what equipment you have. If you can give us a list of what you have then we can give you a quote, if you don’t have an accurate list then we can give you an estimate or a per item price.

Q: What qualifications do you have?

A: Our staff have electrical certification and have also completed multiple product training courses including Mocom / Welch Allyn / Cominox / Riester / Siemens courses. They are familiar with the relevant legislation covering medical devices & sterilization. We also have a comprehensive Health & Safety policy which can be made available to you.

Q: Will this help my practice comply with Cornerstone?

A: Yes – having a comprehensive equipment register that shows an up to date validation of each item with dates and testing shown is a part of the Cornerstone “Aiming For Excellence” standard.