Kiosk Blood Pressure Machine

The TM-2655 Series is our newest, fully automatic blood pressure monitor with a unique, new ergonomic design. Our ergonomic design provides three advantages over similar models. The TM-2655 Series is the answer to the patient’s need for comfort and accuracy.

  1. The ergonomic design allows the patient to choose which arm to use. Sit comfortably and with the correct posture. No more stretching and twisting into a knot to try to get comfortable!
  2. Improved posture and comfort results in greater accuracy.
  3. The extremely small footprint fits almost anywhere, in any location.


  • Compact Size
  • Pick an arm, any arm
  • Oscillometric measurement method
  • Quick printout
  • One button operation
  • Large LED display
  • Energy saving function
  • Optional rolling stand