Aaron Bovie A952 Diathermy


The Aaron A952 diathermy is the next step up from the A942 and gives the user an added 60 watts of power – plenty for LLETZ / LEEP or almost any type of cutting procedure performed in the doctors office. The A952 diathermy as with all the Aaron range is supplied ready for use with handpiece, electrodes, wall mounting and an instruction DVD.

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Line Frequency:
50-60 Hz

Output Frequency:
304-451 kHz

Line Voltage:
100-240 VAC

Output Power:
Cut: 50 watts
Blend: 50 watts
Coagulation: 50 watts
Fulguration: 40 watts
Bipolar: 40 watts

Contact Monitoring Systems:

Contact Monitoring Systems:
10 ohms or less over entire operating range

Range/Trip Point:
(10C° to 40°C)

Cooling System:
Passive Cooling

Isolated RF Output