Bariatric Scale #SC2101KL

Bariatric Scale #SC1101KL:
Bariatric Scale #SC1101KL
December 17, 2018
Body Composition Scale #BCS-G6
Body Composition Scale #BCS-G6
December 17, 2018

Bariatric Scale #SC2101KL

This is a true Bariatric Scale with its 454kg capacity and large patient base.This again is a very portable bariatric scale with wheels built Bariatric Scale 2101into the rear of the scale base. It features a large LCD display with the ability to record data and make BMI calculations. The digital display can be rotated on the scale for easy reading.

Scale Specifications:

  • Large Solid Platform 485mm x 575mm
  • 454kg x 0.1kg capacity
  • Digital display with BMI & memory function
  • Battery operated with auto off
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Order Code #2101KL


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