Tablet Audiometry with True Pass and Refer Results

Speed up your workflow with our new headphone-audiometer easyTone. Its intuitive tablet interface and trouble-free handling enables hearing screening significantly faster than with conventional audiometers. easyTone is ready for sweep screening or pure tone audiometry with threshold determination when a precise hearing level is required.

With easyTone you can’t go wrong: it shows clear pass/refer results that do not need any further interpretation. Highly customizable and easy-to-use in the whole screening process and after. easyTone is tailored to the way you screen.

Features at a glance:

State of the art tablet audiometer
Audiometer built-in easyTone headphone
Overall pass/refer result
Easy transition from screening to threshold determination
Guided workflow preventing operator errors and saving time
Protocol wizard for easy set up
Circumaural headphone with high attenuation
Room noise monitoring
Direct printout of results or share to e-mail
Companion Software for screening list management