Maico Tympanometer

The Maico Tympanometer is an easy to use hand held device for middle ear screening. It measures impedance and ipsilateral reflex within seconds in infants and young children. The internal memory holds more than 1000 measurements and the data can be transferred to your pc via the usb port. The Maico Tympanometer is supplied with a docking station that also serves to recharge the built in rechargeable battery.

Each Tympanometer is supplied calibrated prior to purchase and an annual calibration service is available. The Tympanometer is available in a base model version with charger or  alternatively with an integrated printer.

Tympanometer Alone                             $7,397.19 + GST
Optional Docking Station                         $1,495.00 + GST
Optional Printer with Docking Station       $3,556.00 + GST

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  • Probe Frequency 226Hz / 69dB
  • Volume range 0,1 bis 8,0 ml
  • Test Frequencies 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 4000 Hz
  • Dimensions 150mm x 295mm x 110mm
  • Weighs 427 grams