Electrotherapy and Muscle Stimulation is playing an increasing part in the recovery and rehabilitation of stroke victims, post-operative muscular conditions, pain management and muscular / nerve rehabilitation. This type of therapy not only provides relief of pain but stimulates & re-educates muscle and nerve groups to promote an increasing range of motion, increase blood circulation and provide both short & long term rehabilitation.

Zynex Medical are based in Colorado US and are market leaders in the neurotherapy field.

We distribute their products to physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and individuals throughout New Zealand.

Click here for a pdf file with more information on Electrotherapy & Pain Management


Typical types of use include:

  • Recovery from sports related injury & therapy to reduce swelling & aid healing
  • Post surgery rehab to increase movement
  • Increasing the range of movement available to stroke & spinal injury victims
  • Control of muscle spasms in MS and other conditions
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Control of birth contraction pain