NeuroMove NM900

The NeuroMove NM900 is a combination of high technology electronics and new developments in clinical treatments for stroke and spinal rehabilitation. The NM900 uses neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) and electromyography (EMG) through a unique & patented process to restore the brains ability to communicate along a damaged pathway. The Neuromove is designed to be used easily & effectively both in home & clinical situations and gives new hope to patients who thought there was none.

  • Self adjusting threshold that adjusts to a level just above the base muscle activity
  • Visual & audio patient instructions & feedback
  • Memory function that records use & frequency
  • Rechargeable battery with 50+ hours use before recharging
  • United States FDA approval
  • 12 month warranty

Click here for a pdf file with more information on our NeuroMove NM900