Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Sets

Buying an Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope set is the most cost effective way of purchasing both of these instruments. The deluxe models have a single handle with interchangable instrument heads saving on space & cost.

E-Scope Set:

  • Includes E-Scope Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope battery operated
  • Packaged in a hard lined plastic case with otoscope specula

Ri-Scope Set:

  • Includes #3050 Otoscope & #3060 Ophthalmoscope Heads
  • Single 2 x C cell battery operated handle with interchangable instrument heads
  • 2.5V Halogen lamp
  • Order Code #3070

Ri-Vision Set:

  • Includes #3056 Otoscope & #3066 Ophthalmoscope
  • Includes 1 x Dual Charger Base
  • Option of 3.5V Xenon or long life LED lamp
  • Order Code #3076