Photo MAX Plus Skin Imaging System

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December 17, 2018
Derma Foto Dermatoscope
Derma Foto Dermatoscope
December 17, 2018

Photo MAX Plus Skin Imaging System

The Photo MAX Plus Dermatoscope is an advanced high resolution dermatoscopy system utilizing a Canon 12MP digital camera along with a powerful software package to give you a complete diagnostic tool. It is also availble with optional body mapping software that compares images of the body taken at different intervals & highlights changes in the mole photomax-hw-2-1-copy or skin pigmentation. A sliding camera mounting stand is also available allowing total body mapping images to be photographed.



  • View images live on camera or pc
  • Polarised light – no immersion fluid required
  • Macro & clinical imaging capability
  • Up to 15 x magnification with zoom

The Photo MAX Plus Dermatoscope set includes:

  1. 3 Mega Pixel Camera with 8 x white LED lamps
  2. Charging cable
  3. Docking Station
  4. PC software for viewing & transferring images


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