Riester Ri Derma Dermatoscope 2.5V

Platform Scale #SC2842
August 15, 2017
Wall Mounted Height Rod #SCROD
August 15, 2017

Riester Ri Derma Dermatoscope 2.5V


The Ri-Derma dermatoscope is a traditional non polarised dermatoscope that can be applied directly to the skin with a 10 x magnification.


  • Focusing lens with 10 x magnification
  • Sterilisable contact plate available
  • 2.5V Halogen lamp
  • Option of C battery (HL) or rechargeable battery handle (LED)
  • Dermatoscope head fits any Riester handle

Made in Germany the Ri-Derma Dermatoscope comes in a hard plastic case with removable lens and easily changeable bulb.



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