Edan SE1010 PC Based ECG


The Edan SE1515 pc based ECG effectively turns your computer into a powerfulPC Based ii-417 12 lead ECG machine capable of recording real time ECG rhythms. The software can be set up on multiple computers within a practice and the ECG lead connects quickly and easily through a USB port. The Edan diagnostic software allows you to save & store the ECG for transferring to patient records, printing out and analyzing the data.

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The Edan SE1515 includes:

  • USB connection to your pc or laptop
  • Compatible with all windows operating systems
  • No other power connection required
  • Live ECG trace on your screen
  • ECG can be viewed and saved in real time
  • Includes 12 lead patient cable, clips & all leads
  • Very easy to setup with software installation disc
  • Meets EN IEC 60601-1-1 / EN IEC 60601-1-4