Pure Tone Audiometer with Playful Select Picture Audiometry

The PILOT TEST audiometer is a playful solution for children hearing screenings. It was designed for the providers who screen children and understand there is no “one size fits all” solution. The PILOT TEST offers a 2-in-1 screening method: pure tone audiometry or select picture audiometry. The child friendly design, with the colorful overlay, makes the children feel comfortable during the hearing test.

After completing the Pilot Hearing Test each kid can be rewarded with a “pilot licence” sticker and leaves the screening as a proud pilot.

Features at a Glance:

More than just an auditory test: Hearing – Understanding – Implementing
2-in-1 screening device: pure tone audiometry and select picture audiometry
Pilot Hearing Test is available in different languages
Colorful child-friendly device
Full frequency range for pure tone testing (125 to 8 kHz)
Large colorful LCD display screen
Thermal printer optional
MAICO Sessions PC Software optional
OtoAccess® or Noah database optional