Walmay Cryospray #CRYWALM


Walmay Cryospray:

The Walmay Cryospray dispenses liquid nitrogen in the form of a compressed and controlled spray through one of the 4 different sized nozzles. Made in Australia the Walmay Cryospray is very easy to use, ergonomically designed with a large stable base and very accurate and effective in application with an actual dispensing/freezing temperature of about 180 degrees.

  • Compresses liquid nitrogen & applies it in a cold controlled spray
  • Comes with 4 x different spray tips for accurate application
  • Solid brass billet safety valve
  • 300ml capacity flask
  • Liquid Nitrogen will last in the flask for about 5 hours
  • TGA and WAND registered
  • Order Code #WLCR
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