Cryosurgery offers a non-invasive alternative treatment beneficial both to patients and medical experts alike in treating an extensive range of skin conditions, such as but not limited to non-malignant skin conditions, warts viral infection, freckles and skin tags. It is basically utilised in most non-hair-bearing spots of the body by healing the area around the lesion, leaving no scars or marks after the treatment.

Emech Medical New Zealand helps you reach the finest cryosurgery equipment at your fingertips by offering a wide selection of quality cryosurgery instruments aimed to exceed expectations and ensure convenience, safety and outstanding performance when conducting any treatment.

At Emech we only sell cryosurgery devices and accessories from the most trusted brands and medical manufacturers on the market which can support every dermatologist and/or physician needs. Our cryosurgery products are affordable, ergonomically modelled and guaranteed to provide portability and high efficiency in the precise application of the device in treating patients quickly and pain-free.

We always strive to maintain the highest standards when selecting our products and we cater to our target clients both in Australia and New Zealand in order to develop customer trust and exceed your expectations. By providing a one-year warranty to all our cryosurgery units, we aim to improve consumer confidence in our service by giving them peace of mind knowing that they can have their cryosurgery units replaced if needed.

Check out our website to see the cryosurgery devices we offer or reach out to our team for a quote, queries and/or if you’re looking for a specific brand or type of cryosurgery device to meet your business requirements.

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