Mocom S Class Autoclave

The MOCOM Classic S 17L and Classic S2 22L Autoclaves are premium S class sterilisers capable of processing S class load types very quickly.

The MOCOM Classic S will process all solid instruments and simple type B hollow instruments including wrapped and porous loads.

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Features of the Classic S include:

  • automated water drain
  • self locking fingertip control door
  • built in cycle memory on screen with usb download available
  • a range of cycles for processing both wrapped & unwrapped loads including low temperature cycles
  • immaculate vacuum assisted drying that can again be set to the users requirements

The Classic S is a 17 litre, 350mm long chamber autoclave, the Classic S22 is a larger 22 litre, 450mm long chamber version.

Mocom Benchtop Autoclaves are made in Italy and sold worldwide.We have been selling, supporting and servicing the Mocom range here in New Zealand since 2005 and have an established network of trained and qualified Mocom service technicians throughout the North and South Islands.

When you purchase a steriliser off us we deliver it, install it, validate it and spend time with you ensuring that you are comfortable and competent in the use of it. We also provide a 2 year / 2000 cycle warranty for your peace of mind and also provide an annual validation/calibration service that complies with Cornerstone accreditation.

Mocom Autoclaves feature an automated cycle recording system that allows each cycle record to be called up from the internal memory on the screen display. The cycle records can also be downloaded on to a USB stick for external storage & data management.

Mocom Autoclaves also give alerts in respect of scheduled maintenance and service intervals keeping you up to date.