Frequently asked thermometer questions:

What is tympanic thermometry?

Tympanic infrared thermometry uses the heat from the tympanic membrane as the basis for
the temperature measurement.

Is tympanic thermometry accurate?

Research shows that the tympanic membrane has an almost 1:1 relationship of infrared emission to true temperature, and as such, is an excellent approximation of core temperature because of the blood supply that it shares with the hypothalamus.

Will a dirty probe lens affect a temperature reading?

If the lens of the thermometer has collected dust, fingerprints or ear wax, the temperature reading will be affected (lower readings).

Will ear wax affect the accuracy of a thermometer temperature reading?

Ear wax is translucent so moderate amounts of wax do not affect measurement accuracy. However, an ear wax impaction (block of wax) may trap dirt or debris which could result in a lower temperature reading.

What is normal body temperature?

Normal Body Temperature Range: Core body temperature ranges from 36.4C°- 37.3C°; Pyrexia (FEVER): Core body temperature is greater than 37.8; High Grade Fever: Core body temperature is greater than 39.3C°; Hypothermia: Core body temperature is greater than 42.0C° and the
patient is at risk of severe neurological damage.

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