Mocom B Class Autoclaves – The Futura

Mocom B class Autoclaves feature a built in filtration system that allows you to fill the autoclave with tap water. Not only that but they will also recycle the water making water usage extremely low. They also include features such as automated water fill / drain, a large 150mm touchscreen display, wifi for automated downloading of cycle records and an outstanding 3 year warranty. We deliver, install and validate  a new autoclave for you free of charge, we also provide ongoing service and support to ensure that you are supported throughout the lifetime of the steriliser.

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Mocom B Class Autoclave – The Futura

The  Mocom B class Futura sits at the middle of the Mocom range with advanced features including:

  • Optional built in water demineralizer so that you can fill the autoclave with tap water
  • Large 4.3″ colour touch screen display – very easy to use
  • Wi-fi available for automated transfer of cycle records to your pc
  • Able to connect to a bar code printer for scanning of cycle records
  • Delayed cycle start – programme your cycle to start at any time
  • Water conductivity sensor alerts you if the water quality is unsuitable

The Mocom Futura retains all of its class leading features including:

  • optional automated water fill and drain
  • self locking fingertip control door
  • all cycle data is built in cycle memory with easy USB or WiFi download of records
  • fast cycles that can be programmed to the users requirements
  • immaculate vacuum assisted drying that can again be set to the users requirements
  • Remote technical support option

Available in 3 different sizes:

  1.  17 litre with chamber dimensions of 250mm (D)  x 350mm (L)
  2.  22 litre with chamber dimensions of 250mm (D) x 450mm (L)
  3.  28 litre with chamber dimensions of 280mm (D) x 450mm (L)

Mocom Benchtop Autoclaves are made in Italy and sold worldwide. We have been selling, supporting and servicing the Mocom range here in New Zealand since 2005 and have an established network of trained and qualified Mocom service technicians throughout the North and South Islands.

When you purchase a steriliser off us we deliver it, install it, validate it and spend time with you ensuring that you are comfortable and competent in the use of it. We also provide a 2 year / 2000 cycle warranty for your peace of mind and also provide an annual validation / calibration service that complies with Cornerstone accreditation.

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