Tethys Washer Disinfector

The thermal disinfectors in the Tethys series ensure complete automated perfect instrument cleaning and outstanding levels of disinfection. They also ensure complete operator protection and the elimination of any procedural errors. Both 45 cm (Tethys T45) and 60 cm (Tethys D60/T60) versions are available, allowing these thermal disinfectors to be easily installed underneath work surfaces and fitted into a broad range of sterilization area layouts without difficulty.

The Tethys Washer Disinfector range is ideally suited to decontaminating, washing, disinfecting and drying your instruments prior to sterilization. It offers a fully automated process to cleaning your instruments that eliminates the manual process of scrubbing, soaking, washing, ultrasonic cleaning and drying.  Dirty instruments can go straight into the Tethys which will then run an automated process cycle including ultrasound cleaning and hot air drying. Each cycle is automatically recorded and available as a pdf download.

The Tethys washer is designed and made in Italy and will work perfectly alongside your existing benchtop autoclave. It will provide you with a significant saving in labour costs and will fully automate the manual instrument cleaning process for you.

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